EGYPT - 2021
Duration : 20:50

After spending few months in the USA, a horrific incident pushes Nader to escape from New York to Boston and finds himself living with three complete strangers. Trying to stay low to escape his dark past as he struggles with his own identity, his demons find their way back to haunt him.

Director’s biography


Youssef Hesham is a film director, writer, producer, festival programmer, and university teacher. He earned his MFA degree if Film and Media Arts from Emerson College (2020). Winner of The President's Award from Emerson College, Class 2020.

He was awarded the Fulbright Grant in 2017.

He works as a regional programmer for Cairo International Film Festival. Part-time faculty at the British University in Egypt.

He studied TV broadcasting as an undergraduate while studying film separately. He started working professionally in 2003. Since 2003 Youssef has directed thirteen short fiction and documentary. His body of work has different styles and genres with themes on identity, society, loneliness and violence.

In 2011, Youssef started writing film articles/studies about world filmmakers and modern films, and they were published in El Kahira newspaper, a publication held by the Egyptian ministry of culture specialized in arts and literature. He worked as a selection committee member for Ismailiya International Film Festival in 2013. He worked as a competition manager for the "Real Time Competition" in Shnit World Festival in 2016 and 2017 editions.